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Our club culture. What we live and breathe as players, coaches, volunteers and more.

To encourage and facilitate participation; to recognise and nurture the potential of players and people within our club; give our players the opportunity to perform at the highest level possible.


The foundations of success in Basketballpaisley are laid out in the highly successful Superleague program, where boys and girls enjoy the fun of training and playing together in one of our four community clubs.

The principles of basketballpaisley are Participation, Potential and Performance. At our Superleague the emphasis is on Participation. On a Friday Night in the Lagoon Leisure Centre our four - soon to be five - satellite clubs come together to compete, and work their hardest to win while having as much fun as possible.

Everybody plays, regardless of potential and performance. 


Performance... the pinnacle of our club experience. Exemplified within our Saints Academy programs. From under 10 to seniors we look to compete at the highest level in Scotland.

We are the most successful amateur basketball club in Scotland with over 100 titles in all competitions and counting.


With our coaches having continuous opportunity from a young age to gain experience and develop we are able to take a professional approach to our player development allowing us to facilitate Performance at such a high level for all these years.

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