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National league ACADEMY

Saints Academy

Basketballpaisley's St. Mirren Academy of Basketball was launched in 1995 as our performance development programme, that put our professional coaching standard into practice for young male and female players in our local community aged 10-18 years. As well as providing these young people with plenty of opportunities to develop other skills and gain qualifications that will bolster applications for university aged participants.

Our Programme

Based out of the Lagoon Centre in the heart of Paisley, Renfrewshire. Our athletes will gain a complete understanding of the game of basketball in the form of both individual and team settings, and upon graduation of our academy will have gained the experience to make the leap to the next level where that be to University or Academy Level down south to our current pathway partner Myerscough College.

The Academy set-up provides our players to be moulded into our student-athlete expectation that is supported our partner sports psychologist who will be integrated throughout their development journey to aid in the development of key personal skills like prioritising, time management, dealing with emotion and much more. Our rigid preseason work followed by competition in the top leagues in Scotland and followed up by post-season evaluations, enables us to maintain a consistent professional development pathway leading to players achieving their larger sporting goals, whether that is earning more court time or representing their country.

Proving ourselves

Basketballpaisley's St. Mirren Academy has surged its way to the top of Scottish Basketball with great success across both male and female programmes at all age groups. Our Academy has been home to some of not only the best players in Scotland but in the U.K. including former Deng Camp No. 11 and Gold Coast Commonwealth Athlete Callan Low (Class of 2018) and Deng Camp No. 12 Chris Feeney (Class of 2019).

Athletes have also achieved multiple individual accolades over the years, both national and international recognition and represented Scotland at the senior level, under-18 through under-10 with now multiple of our athletes receiving athletic scholarships to American education establishment.

what we can offer

  • Performance pathway opportunities to Basketball Academies across the UK.

  • Opportunity to build and develop key mental skills through our partnered sports psychologist.

  • Educational opportunities for coach, tabling and refereeing basketball.

  • Accumulate volunteering accolades that will bolster university and job applications.

  • Professional basketball development environment with opportunities to fulfil your basketball goals at all levels.

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