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basketballpaisley are delighted to be partnering with The Physio Clinic Glasgow! With basketball being a high impact sport, injuries can occur and we believe there is no one better to get our athletes back to full fitness. The company's Work Hard, Get Better approach fits perfectly with our club ethos and we cannot wait to see this partnership grow. 

The Physio Clinic Glasgow was founded by Arran and Robb, who qualified together from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2014, both achieving a BSc (hons) Physiotherapy degree. Arran pursued a Master’s degree, whilst Robb gained international experience in Australia.

After losing contact for a couple of years after university, they reconnected and eventually planned the opening of a physiotherapy clinic in Glasgow that focused on an active and intuitive approach to rehab.


physiotherapy assessment

With a focus on evidence-based practice the experienced, fully qualified physiotherapists will perform a thorough initial assessment, allowing them to give you a simple explanation for your injury or pain.

Your physiotherapist will guide you through your personalised rehabilitation plan, to ensure it meets your needs and fits into your schedule.

Your detailed rehab plan is emailed directly, with video demonstration and guidance on how to tackle your injury between sessions. We will continue to manage any performance related issues to get you back to your best, quickly.

As a basketballpaisley member we are delighted that The Physio Clinic will offer £5 off your Physiotherapy Assessments! To book  an appointment please use the system below. Your discount will be applied to your bill after your appointment, no payment is taken in advance.


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