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Jeffrey Webster Psychologist
basketballpaisley are delighted to be partnering with JW Performance Agency! Jeffery Webster will be working with our National League Athletes providing them with Sports Psychology support throughout the season.

This support will allow our athletes to take their performance to the next level by, Increasing confidence, Reducing Nerves, Achieving Laser-Beam Focus, Aiding Injury Rehabilitation, Building Teamwork, Training Mental Skills, Increasing Enjoyment, Gaining Motivation, Reducing Anger and Increasing Positivity.

Based in Glasgow and working across the UK and beyond, Jeffrey is a full-time applied sport psychology practitioner supporting many individuals, teams and organisations through individual sessions, group workshops, resources and analysis/observation.  Having worked in sport psychology for over 7 years, his clients range from Olympic/professional athletes to U14/U16/U18's at the start of their sporting journeys.  


He aims for his services to be inclusive for all ages and levels and he strives to do this through raising awareness of the benefits of sport psychology, enhancing performance and catering for health and well-being. Jeffrey carries out continuous research to ensure that his practice is as up to date and relevant as possible. A combination of current theory and past experience shapes his practice.


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