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birch gets the call

Euan has been a basketball standout for our Saints teams the past few years and has continuously proved that he is able to go to the next level and compete. This has all now culminated this season in being 1 of 3 male Scottish Internationalists to be selected for the U16 GB Squad by Myerscough Star Coach, Troy Culley.

We got in touch with Euan during Scotland's circuit breaker lockdown to find out some info about his preparation and experience through lockdown:

How did it feel to be given the nod from Troy Culley at GB for your first stint in training with GB?

"It was a huge honour for me to be recognised in the training squad for the GB U16 team this season. It's something I have been aiming for over the past few years after representing Scotland at each age group since U11 level. I'm really proud to have managed to achieve my goal. It was very disappointing that due to the Coronavirus pandemic I was unable to take part in actual training squad sessions and complete the programme."

What effects have the pandemic had on your ability to prepare for the trial?

"As a result of the pandemic and lockdown I was initially unable to access outdoor courts to practice so had to reply on the limited space in my garden to get some shots up. When lockdown eased I was able to play in some of the local courts to get some practice. With gyms closed I tried hard to keep my fitness levels up. Having a daily routine helped my motivation to do this but I missed have my teammates around for practice."

What have you been doing to stay in shape and work on your game over the lockdown periods in preparation?

"Over the lockdown periods I have tried to get in as much shooting and ball handling as possible, weather permitting either in the garden or outdoor courts. I tried to do something every day to keep my form. To keep fit I tried to run or cycle in my local area every day. I was also able to follow the fitness programme provided by the GB strength and conditioning coach and also by my club. I was glad when we were able to restart outdoor club fitness / bootcamp sessions and training in August."

What are your basketball goals going forward and what do you think you need to work on most to make your GB aspiration come true?

"Going forwards my main goal is to play basketball at college / university in America, it would be great to have this experience. I would also like to continue to represent Scotland and also have the opportunity to play for GB in the future. The most important thing I need to work on for the future are continuing to get fitter and stronger and keep improving my skills and fundamentals. I will keep trying to improve my strengths and work on my weaknesses both on and off the court."

Congratulations Euan, we hope to see you in that GB jersey soon representing Scotland and the club and the highest international level our country can offer.

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