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bonnie houston to sunny florida

Chris has had some adventure already from a young Houston Hornet to Spain to London to GB and now to America, we asked Chris what his transition has been like to the US and how he's embraced that experience and preparation.


"Pursuing a basketball career in the United States has always been a dream of mine. I have been preparing for the opportunity to play in America for a long time, making sure my grades in school were high and skills on the basketball court were up to standard. Ensuring these two things allowed the transition, from the UK to the US, to be as smooth as possible.

Moving to America, from the UK, has been a very enjoyable experience, being able to play basketball at the college level is an experience that very few get to experience. The standard of basketball is much higher, and the facilities are much more advanced. It gives you the opportunity to learn and develop your game as much as you can. Life off of the court is a lot easier to adjust to that people may think. From my experience, the food is very similar, language is the same (give or take a few words), and the culture isn’t too dissimilar to the UK. If anything, the hardest part of moving to America has been trying to communicate with a Scottish accent!"

Keep putting in the work Chris can't wait to celebrate your success in the states.

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