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cal low - wolf pack year 2

We asked former Saint and GB Internationalist Callan Low about what basketball life has been like at Newberry College (NCAA DII), South Carolina. Callan has returned for his second year for the Wolves and had this to say about his time back stateside:

"Life during COVID has been tough especially when it comes to practice whilst being here in the states. We have had to wear masks every time we practice, lift weights or during team meetings.

When I first arrived, we were not allowed to access any of the facilities for almost 2 months which meant we had to practice on outdoor courts with temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit everyday (Around 38 Celsius).

We then started off phase 1 of indoor workouts with groups of 4 for individual workouts which was one hour of ball handling and shooting work. This was paired with the team being split into two groups to do weights.

Once we were able to start working out as a team, we were not allowed to take part in any contact drills to again prevent the risk of COVID.

It wasn’t until one month before our first game until we were actually allowed to scrimmage and carry out our full practice plans.

There are many conferences across both Division 1 and Division 2 that have made the decision to cancel all of their games or postpone them to a future date so this makes me feel even more excited for the season ahead. It’s a privilege to still have the opportunity to compete week in and week out and although things are constantly changing because of COVID, I’m grateful to still have the opportunity to play basketball at a collegiate level"

Keep grindin' CalLow, big things coming our way!


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