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Friday Night Superleague Returns

With what has been almost a full years since the last Friday Night Superleague (FNSL) Competition evening we were finally able to relaunch our first pilot of the event and have 40 children back in our Lagoon LC to play the sport we all love and adore.

This has been a long time coming and finally with a fuller access to the Lagoon Leisure Centre we have been able to utilise our previous Friday night facility slot to bring Superleague with a few minor changes.

What has changed you may wonder? Well here's a small list of the big things:

  1. Superleague is now sponsored by Decathlon Glasgow so all of our high-quality equipment will now be supplied by them, ball, hoops, and all the other amazing products we need to run a great night.

  2. To be more inclusive and promote a better social aspect for all of our young players, we will now mix all players from across all of our centres so they can get a chance to meet other players from all across our basketball community.

  3. Instead of the old 2 court set up we will now be looking to utilise a 3 court set up to give more games to more players each Superleague games night.

  4. Games will be shorter in time but will increase in the number of games had each evening, which will provide a more competitive environment for the players with facing more teams each night to be the best.

We hope you guys missed FNSL as much as we did and after a successful first night back on the 5th of November for P4-P7 boys players, we now look to our next pilot age group of P1-P4 Boys and P1-P7 Girls on the 3rd of December.

This next Friday Night Superleague competition night is now available to book onto at

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