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it's a boy!!

This week we have a special announcement for the blog... two of our club leading role models in Chris Cleary and Rebecca Cleary have on the 19th of November brought our newest Basketballpaisley member into the world. Meet Zac Cleary who was born at 11.05am on the 19th in the Paisley Maternity Ward.

Throughout the pregnancy both Chris and Rebecca have shown no stopping in their contribution to basketball, with their dedication to organising and facilitating our sport parallel to none. At almost 7 months pregnant Rebecca was back out the house after a long isolation period and coaching with our U16 age groups and was still playing an integral part in organising and delegating basketball operations hours before and after Zac arrived.

Chris on the other hand was also out in the field ensuring that the sport and club that brought himself and Rebecca together was running as smoothly as ever, this dedication was demonstrated in Chris attending our club Bootcamp/Donation drop off session on the Wednesday evening before Zac's arrival before an hour and a half later having to escort Rebecca to the hospital.

As you can see Jess is putting in the work for her new big sister duties already in the photo with her first turn of babysitting her baby brother, and we are sure that once Covid has disappeared everyone else will be dying for a turn of babysitting him at the basketball while Chris and Rebecca play ball.

We are so very excited to see something so positive come out of this so far dreary year and hope that Zac's arrival sparks the start of a new run of positive events in the world that we are living in with Covid-19.

Congratulations Chris, Rebecca, Jess and Milly on your new arrival the Basketballpaisley community wishes you all and Zac the very best.

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