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Jim Renfrew - The CEO

Jim Renfrew, our lead executive has been closely involved in the basketballpaisley family

for around 20 years, ever since his daughter Leanne first attended the Paisley Pistons as an 8 year old.

Jim has been crucial in the maintenance of our club’s nationally-recognised pathway to excellence during this time, that has featured many a Scottish and Great British internationalist.

From parent committee member to Club Secretary, to Chief Executive Jim Renfrew has committed and contributed to the club from all possible perspectives. Now, over 15 years Jim has served on the Management Team, with the sole responsibility for administration, process and governance of a progressive and innovational basketball club, with a pathway to excellence in which is acknowledged by basketball communities all around the country.

Since professionally retiring in 2016 Jim has filled his free time volunteering with the The Boys’ Brigade, East Renfrewshire Community Transport, East Renfrewshire Foodbank and of course in his role with basketballpaisley.

Jim is a real contributor not only to our basketball community but the local community he lives in as well. Great job Jim and keep it going.

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