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keep em' here or outsource?

When it comes to Scottish basketball the pinnacle in our country is the Glasgow Rocks and Caledonia Pride. These teams in the past have done a great job in showcasing Scottish talent with the likes of Gareth Murray, Keiron Achara, Sarah Thomson, Johnny Bunyan, Robyn Lewis and many many more.

A lot of these players made their name in the Scottish National Leagues before they made their professional debut and this is a true testament to their hard work and dedication to the game.

However, so many of these players, have been outsourced to teams and programmes across the world... should this be the goal for all Scottish basketball clubs? Recruit, Develop, Ship Out

Scottish basketball at this point in time can only do so much for young players with the limited international exposure and with the current structure/competition in place not developing a significant number of Scottish youth to a high enough level to compete with the likes of England and Ireland's big dogs Barking Abbey, Myerscough, NABA etc.

Do we look to these bigger UK programmes to develop our players and give them the exposure they deserve once we as Scottish teams reach our limitations in coaching and exposure? Or do we look to simply improve the coaching quality across our country so that all coaches are able to deliver and retain players in this country to compete and attempt to surpass the programmes of the south?

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