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Emmanuel Kanwei came to Basketballpaisley as 6"4, 15 year old who wanted to win and was ready to work to make it to his goal.

Since his debit season with us where he put up very respectable numbers throughout the year he gained the attention of one of the best basketball programmes that Great Britain has to offer in Barking Abbey School, London.

We got in touch with Manny to ask him how his time in London has been and to get some extra info on what is different between the Scottish and English game.

"It’s great playing for barking it’s been a big learning experience of what’s its really like to be a student athlete. What I enjoy most is the brotherhood and the friendship that I’ve built there and just being able to look back and see my growth as a basketball player."

"Biggest thing I had to adapt was not being the biggest guy learning how to play being undersized. The biggest thing I had to work on was my ability to read defenders in the post."

- Manny currently standing at 6"8 is considered undersized showing the difference in player physicality and stature from Scotland to England, on top of having to develop a better post IQ that would allow him to keep up and stay on top of opposition players who were bigger.

"My goals moving are to gain a scholarship and just get back on court after injury."

- Manny is currently out with a hand injury but is working his way back and looking to attain a one way ticket to the US like fellow Barking and Saints Alumni Chris Feeney.

Keep up the work Manny we can't wait to the see the big things you are going to achieve.

You can check out Manny's mixtape from last year here at:

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