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mental health and basketball - eden duff

In these unprecedented times, life hasn’t been easy for anyone, and mental health has been at an all-time low across the generations. But for our young people across the club, a return to basketball was greatly received.

We as coaches put training and fitness plans together initially for the players to carry out and keep them active. Then as the situation improved, we could resume basketball, albeit outdoors, which allowed our players to not only train in a more normal manner, but it also allowed them to see one another again, providing the much needed social interaction aspect of team sports. More recently, we as a club have resumed indoor training, which has been fantastic for everyone involved.

From a personal perspective as a coach, this resumption was much needed, not just for our young players, but for us as coaches too. Sitting around the house, itching to get out there and coach was driving me up the walls.

The season may not have resumed yet, and it may not for a while, but being able to get back out there and see my teams has been an amazing feeling, and I’m excited about continuing the hard work and hopefully getting back on court competitively in the near future!

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