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scottish women in sport

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

As you may have noticed it was #ScottishWomeninSportWeek and we took that opportunity to truly focus all of our social media on the women/girls in our club and why we value them so much.

#GirlsBasketball has slowly dwindled in numbers over the last few years which is deeply concerning for us as a club as we try to make our basketball opportunities as accessible as possible but getting new young girls involved in basketball has proven to be difficult with the greater number of boys we have coming through pathways.

However, with the new DCI funding for a basketball development officer we are able to focus a lot of our time now re-building an inclusive and engaging girls basketball program that will enable girls of all abilities and background to be involved in the basketball.

We took opportunity to promote the terrific young women within our club that make female basketball in this community so strong for the future. These young women are now one of our club's biggest focal points for developing young female role models for basketball within our community. There is a distinct lack of #femalerolemodels in basketball for young Scottish girls and we are looking to change that by providing physical achievable idols to work towards emulating as they grow through their basketball journey.

To name a few: Rebecca Cleary, Robyn Lewis, Sarah Thomson, Iona Ross, Natalie Chaloner, Laura Collins, Neve Mitchell, and so many many more. These young women are the near the pinnacle of what Scottish talent can achieve right now and are going to be the building blocks for what Scottish talent can achieve in many years to come with the correct guidance.

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