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Today we talk to our latest addition to the Basketballpaisley coaching staff our newly appointed Drill Sergeant, Suzanne Kerr.

"I have worked in the fitness industry now for 24 years.. which gives my age away! I qualified as a group exercise instructor to allow me to teach classes part time and earn money while I studied Marketing at University.

Since I was a child I have been passionate about fitness and so it was inevitable that my career path would go this way. I worked in gym design for about 18 years, working with top brands such as Technogym, Cybex and Star Trac. Renfrewshire Leisure and most trusts in Scotland were clients of mine. It was during this time I qualified as a PT as this was essential to sell to the gym managers at clubs.

I then realised the workload was too much while my children were young and so I saw a gap in the market to start my own business in my village for a really personalised approach to PT training. I converted my sun room and set up SK Fitness. We offer classes on Zoom, and outdoors (for now), and both one to one and two to one training sessions.

My daughter Christina plays for St Mirren and has played basketball since P3. She absolutely loves the game, her one true passion. Through supporting her progress and getting to know the coaches I offered to help keep the teams fitness going while we were in Lockdown. All I could provide at the time was HIIT sessions on Zoom, but I felt if somehow we could keep the teams moving, and know they were training together at the same time, it just might keep the majority fit and well.

I absolutely adore teaching the teams. Each age group has a real mix of personalities and abilities which makes training them not just fun, but challenging too! I must admit, though I prefer coaching them outdoors at bootcamp, although the great Scottish weather makes Zoom a good option some evenings. I love being with them all and motivating them and pushing them to work as hard as they can. Though I feel awful when they are cold, wet, and really just want to be inside with a basketball in their hands. I absolutely feel their pain and relate.

However, as much of a challenge as 2020 has been, I am delighted to say that I believe Basketballpaisley will come out on top. The players have kept their fitness levels up, worked through their pain barriers, and have an amazing team spirit. I am very proud to be part of keeping them together and fit at this time."

Thank-you Suzanne for being a basketball/fitness diamond in the huge rough that's been 2020. Still big things to come from yourself and the bootcamps and we are so glad to have you on board.

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