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superleague sundays

Our Superleague centres are the backbone of our club. We have around 300 children a year participating in basketball through these centres alone and this year was set to be no different.

Covid hit, we needed to adapt... so Superleague Sunday. The crazy child of scarce lets and 300 children who want to play basketball. We wanted to bring as many people back to basketball as possible and with our applications in early to secure lets we were able to bring back 96 children to basketball which doesn't sound like much but to us is a great success.

We have been able to combine players from all four of Superleague Centres and bring them together to play and train in a full contact session. Now what is actually special about this session, you may ask?

Well these sessions are being run entirely by our U16 boys players currently. They have all been about coaching basketball through basketballscotland's Make It Happen course which has been organised by our new development coordinator to help us develop people as well as players. These sessions are a chance for children aged 4-11 to play ball and for young people aged 14-18 to stimulate their own personal development. These young men and women are being moulded into role models for the next generation, and will serve as stellar examples of great young contributors to society.

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