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The pandemic has changed our lives forever, and for the foreseeable future has changed #basketball.

The pandemic has seen us isolated, cut off from the groups and communities that would usually act as our supporting bubble throughout our everyday lives. Going from working, competing and battling on the court week in week out - to sitting in your bed trying to think of what Netflix show to re-watch again.

For us the pandemic has left a hole in our existence... we have eagerly awaited an email, an update, anything to let us know basketball is back... but instead basketball has had to adapt and change. Basketball has become going bike rides, walks, runs, hikes and more with teammates as opposed to putting a ball through a hoop.

However, there is hope...

In July, Nicky gave #Scotland the go ahead after almost 3 months of nothing... and as #hoopers we snatched at the opportunity to get #backtobasketball. On July 30th we initiated outdoor hoops and haven't looked back... we've had skint knees, bumps and bruises and the players have loved every minute of it. NOW on October 19th we have become the first ball club in Scotland to get indoors... although nearly all basketball is socially distance it is #progress.

This blog will keep you updated with how the club, our players, coaches, volunteers and more dealing with the pandemic and why these people have stayed loyal to us and the sport all this time,


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