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basketball through the pandemic

For myself basketball through the pandemic meant training hard with an NCAA Division 2 player and a new job.

For others basketball meant staying healthy and escaping reality for just wee while.

For our club it was providing that sliver of normality for those that work so hard to compete with our club name across their chest. Attempting to give them a small outlet where they can compete and play the game we all love like what we will now have to consider - 'the good old times'.

Normality is now, social distance, sanitise, get to work, get a drink (socially distanced), back to work, sanitise and leave socially distanced.

However, we as a club are working to provide more and more opportunities through basketball to develop people as players and people. With our new girls-focus on participation creating a safe and engaging place for young girls to come play our sport. Our education opportunities being organised to give our players that extra boost to their personal development that will help them become coaches, referees and most of all ROLE MODELS within our club for the next generation to aspire to.

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