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girlshoop. why are we so focussed on girls right now?

Our club has a rich and successful history in the Scottish women's game with multiple national titles, countless national squad achieving players, a couple of GB internationalists and even a few #WBBL pros. So why has the level of our women participation numbers dropped so significantly?

That question is the reason we are focussing so much of female basketball. In the past there has been no shortage of great female talent in Scotland coming through our club and those around the country. We now want to return to the former glory, and with our NEW DCI funded basketball coordinator in house we have been able to now more than ever have a female focus that will be driven by female #rolemodels.

#GirlsHoop is our attempt at creating a female focus in basketball within our community and we are looking to portray young females within our club pathway as role models for all young women in Renfrewshire and its surrounding villages.

We have had 25 new girls sign up to our initiative and has been so well received by the community, with our large social media campaign to promoting the opportunity we have generated enough interest and will be looking to expand into older age groups. For now though our focus is to create a welcoming environment that will encourage and attract more and more girls to our centre. Our goal is to one day have the girls from this initiative progress through our pathway and transform into role models for the next generation.

We will continue to #

idolisewomen in our basketball community who contribute so much to basketball and will look to further utilise them in the building of an inclusive club vision for both boys, girls and anything in-between.

If you'd like to get your daughter (or your son) involved please use the contact form at the bottom of our homepage to ask for any more information.

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