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Basketball psychology

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

We at Basketballpaisley are always looking to improve ourselves and the experiences that we can provide to help our young players develop not only as basketball players but as people and contributors to society.

Our new approach to this is enlisting the help of a very interesting individual. Enter Jeffrey Webster...

Jeffrey has always loved sport. Throughout his childhood and adolescent years, he participated and competed in a range of individual and team sports, including basketball. This passion lead him to coaching throughout his latter high school years with Basketballpaisley, and following this, attended University of Stirling and the University of the West of Scotland over the course of 8 years to achieve:

  • Sport Coaching and Development BSc

  • Psychology of Sport MSc

  • Psychology MSc

Having built his business over the last few years alongside education, he is now progressing onto the his final stage of accreditation through the British Psychological Society to become a chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist. Jeffrey is based in Glasgow, but travels all over the U.K. and beyond to work with teams and individuals. Some of his current work includes:

  • Scotland National Squash Team

  • University of Aberdeen Sport Scholar Programme

  • Herriot-Watt University Talent Development Programme

  • Individual clients ranging from senior Top 10 world rankings in to U10 level juniors in multiple sports.

To find out more about Jeffery and what he can do for you psychology as a person and an athlete check out his website at

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