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what do coaches love to see from players?

Many coaches are different, some look for instant ability, coachability, willingness to learn... but one thing coaches love to find in a players is ATTITUDE. Attitude cannot be taught but it can be coached, moulded and then utilised as a strength.

Attitude comes in a few forms my favourite being: challenging those around them to be on their level, to compete as hard as they do and to always play with a chip on their shoulder like they are trying prove someone wrong. These are the players you love to have pushing the ball for your team but hate to have running back at you as an opponent.

Such players have a special place in a coaches game plan as these players can be used as motivators for the rest of a team if their attitude can be turned into production. Never backing down from the team on the other side... you think of Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Elena Delle Donne, Diana Taurasi, and more. These players all have one thing in common, they all step on the floor to be the best out there and are prepared to run through anyone in front of them and then a brick wall, to prove it and motivate/will their team towards victory.

For our own club we have had many players with this attituded and it happens to be the favourite player characteristic of our own Chris Cleary, who utilised this player feature to help him achieve the first ever double-treble in National League play at U16 Men level where multiple players featured on Scottish National Teams.

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Unknown member
Oct 18, 2021

Great blog I enjoyed readiing

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